Friday, August 26, 2011

Almond Milk

This recipe is from the cookbook Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson.

Recipe: see page 523 of Vegan Planet.
This is probably the easiest recipe in Vegan Planet: raw almonds (I got mine at Trader Joe's) soaked
in water, then pulverized in a blender and strained through a screen. It works out to about $1.37 of almonds to make 32 ounces of almond milk, which is a very good price. It's definitely cheaper than cow's milk, and you don't have to worry about the hormone's and antibiotics that are pumped into cows ending up in the milk.

I used a wire mesh colander to filter out the almond pulp, and it wasn't the finest of screens so there was a little bit of pulp that made it through and settled at the bottom of my container (you can also see some at the bottom of this glass). The finer the mesh on the screen, the more of the pulp you can filter out. If you are going to pour the almond milk on cereal, like I did here, having some almond pulp in there probably isn't a big deal and is rather tasty, but if you are going to drink it as a beverage, you might want to screen it through something with a fine mesh.

Now if you are looking to create a REALLY cheap non-dairy alternative, look into oat milk. Oats are much cheaper than almonds and make a creamier milk.

Ingredients: raw almonds, water.