Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raw Gingersnap Ice Cream

This recipe is from the vegan cookbook Vice Cream by Jeff Rogers.

Recipe: see page 79 of Vice Cream.
One of the first things I bought when I started eating a vegan diet is a Cuisinart ice cream maker,
along with the book Vice Creams. I figured that even if my efforts in vegan cooking proved unpalatable, I could at least guarantee a nice dessert would be waiting for me at the end.

I haven't made much from this book so far, but this is one I couldn't resist since it contains three things I love: ginger, dates and almonds. Most of recipes have proved to be a little expensive. This one came in at around $9 to make 16 ounces of ice cream ($5.49 for almonds, and $3.50 for dates). It tastes good, especially right out of the Cuisinart when it has a soft consistency. I just don't know if it's $9 worth of good.

Ingredients: almonds, water, black dates, fresh ginger juice.